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Dear Pink Chair Project,

   Little did I know a routine mammogram would find multiple problems in both of my breasts.  With all of the added tests, I opted for a double masectomy ( a good choice, since there was so much other stuff going on)  I heard about your project from Mary Heery at the Smilow Breast Center at Norwalk Hospital.  The timing was perfect.  I was so overwhelmed with everything I asked my husband to contact you and make the arrangements to get the chair.  Little did I know how much this lovely chair would help in my recovery after surgery.  I had a few drains( very uncomfortable)  I ended up sleeping in the chair for two weeks.  It was such a lifesaver!  I also loved the power up/down mechanism, as I was not able to push myself up to get out of it.  With everything else I had to deal with, this chair was such a great help( and comfort too)  Glad to say I had a successful recovery from surgery and although I have chemo and radiation yet to go, I am well on my way.    

Thank You for helping in my journey.  It truly made a difference!

Fondly, K. B.

You two are amazing!  Giving back to so many people in's inspiring.  I pray at the end of my journey I too will be able to help others going through this.  I cannot thank you enough for starting the Pink Chair Project!  It has been a blessing to me to be able to sit in The Spath Chair.  I don't know how I would have slept without it.  You don't really know how hard it is to move until you are in this situation.  Thank you for providing a chair of relief, my favorite pillow and the lovely quilt.  Most of all Thank you for your kindness and selflessness!

To The Pink Chair Project,

     Thank You so much for the chair, it was an awesome experience, I was able to sleep comfortably every night and it help my healing.

     This is something so amazing that you and your family are doing.  You all are truly amazingly, good hearted people.  May God always bless you and keep doing what you are doing.

    To anyone after me, stay positive and just know God will take care of everything.  And this chair will be your home for a few weeks and you will love it. 

My mom was given this chair to assist her when she came home from a long term care facility after a stay in the hospital.  She fought cancer valiantly for nine years, including many hospital stays and a double mastectomy, reconstruction, spinal fusion, legs and an arm rod, a knee surgery and dozens of rounds of chemo therapy and radiation.  She did all of this virtually unaided from specialty medical equipment and maintained a stellar quality of life.  This last matter was her most difficult as she developed unexplained paralysis in both legs and one arm.  Many complications followed this paralysis leading to her aforementioned hospitalization and the subsequent transfer to the rehab center .  The doctors conveyed after 9 years of miracles on a women with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, they were finally out of answers and could no longer help her.  Her wish was to come home from the rehab center and spend time with her family.  The doctors felt this would not be possible, but thanks to this chair and numerous other accommodations, she was able to come home for a week to spend time with her family.  She was even able to eat a dinner with her entire family in the chair on one of her last nights home before inevitable returning to the hospital when her condition became too severe.  While this is not the typical manner in which the chair would have been used, it made such a special impact on my mother and our family during the time she was able to come home.  The Pink Chair Project helped an impossibly strong woman to keep fighting during an impossible difficult time and for this, my family and I are inexpressibly grateful.  To the people who made this possible for her- Thank You... And to the other women affected by Breast Cancer- Be brave and fight hard; we have learned over the last 9 years that miracles are possible, and sometimes they come in the dozens.

Most Sincerely, D

Dear Cara,

After remembering how difficult it was to sleep on my back during recovery, I had decided to rent my own recliner. 

A nurse at my doc's office told me about "This wonderful program" The Pink Chair Project, the brainchild of another Cancer survivor - You!

Before I knew it , a chair ( not pink) was being delivered to my house.  We decided on our family room.

It has been so comforting to have the support of the wider group of breast cancer survivors that this chair represents.  I have been much more likely to rest and fall asleep because of it. What a Treat!!!

And thanks also to the owner and staff of "On The Mend" in Southbury.  They deliver and pick up the chairs at no cost to the Project.  The project could exist with out their donation of their time and vehicles. 

The recliner has made my recovery so much easier.  I am so grateful to have had it.  Thank You so much! xoxoxoxo  - C

Dear Cara,

 So very grateful for the opportunity to have met your beautiful family and for the comfort and solace I experienced in your wonderful recliner chair.  I cannot even imagine how my recovery would have been without it.  One highlight of my days after surgery always centered back to my being able to sleep comfortably and soundly every single day.  Something I had not been able to do in the month's leading up to my surgery.

    I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you have afforded me.  I think you are an angel sent from heaven above to do this for so many people who are in desperate need of comfort and peace at one of the most difficult times in their lives.  I will certainly miss my "Pink Chair" as it's affectionately been named by my family.  I can only hope it brings as much joy and comfort to it next patient as much as it did for me.


Dear Cara and Family,

I am eternally grateful to "The Pink Chair Project".  The chair is one of those things that you don't realize you need until you absolutely need it!  The chair was sent from heaven and gave me so much comfort after my surgery.  It's where I selpt, ate, relaxed, and recovered.  My first few nights would have been miserable without it!!!  This journey has had it's ups and downs for sure but it's also allowed me to meet people like you, who are making a difference in people's lives.  Thank you so much!   C. F.

"She believed she could, so she did."

Dear Pink Chair Project,

  Thank You!  My chair became my healing nest.  My place for a goodnight sleep those first nights and the perfect nap zone as the week progressed.  I didn't realize just how much I would need the chairs help those first few weeks, the lift was a necessity.  

   To all those after me - Good luck!  Stay focused on you and your healing.  This is a moment in time and everyone around you will get by while you focus on you!  Ask for help, rest, move and enjoy the chair!

Thank you so much for beginning this project.  I truly didn't know what a blessing having this chair would be.  My first night home I was able to actually get a pretty good night sleep.  I don't think I left the comfort of the chair unless I had to.  Oh and how easy it was to get out of it with the press of a button.  Still 3 weeks later, I find comfort in crawling tinto the chair for a nap or a goodnights sleep, if my bed doesn't feel right.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I bless  the next chair recipient with speedy healing, comfort and good sleep.

Dear Cara,

My first thoughts were how am I going to be able to get up from my bed? One day when I went for a Dr's office visit the nurse gave me information about "The Pink Chair Project", so I called and spoke to Cara.  Two days later I received the chair.  This has been heaven sent!  I slept so comfortable and it was easy to get up from the chair with no help.  It definitely made my recovery much easier.  I am so grateful and blessed to have had and have the support of my family, friends and my "pink chair"

    Thank You to the drivers and staff for all of their help.

Truly Gratful & Blessed,


"When the world says give up, Hope whispers , Try it one more time."

Dear Cara, Emmie and The Pink Chair Project,

What a wonderful service you provide to those who truly need it.  Cancer diagnosis and treatment is an exhausting whirlwind, and having this chair when I needed it for recovery from my surgery made all the difference.  I would not have been able to sit or sleep the first few weeks without it.  Thank You Again!  Keep doing what you do, it's much appreciated and needed.

-A xo

Dear Cara,

I had been taking a chemo pill since 11/2018 to try and shrink my lobular tumor.  My surgeon tried to clear margins but was not able to - so we quickly scheduled my next surgery.  I heard about the "Pink Chair Project" two days before my surgery.  Since I live in Southbury I reached out to Southbury Buzz - amazingly you saw my post.  You and On The Mend were a life saver.  I received my chair the next day while I was at a doctors appointment.  I could not have healed so quickly without this chair!  Thank You and On The Mend for all of your help and support!  What an amazing program!

Dear Cara & Emmie,

Just a little note of Big Thanks for all you do!

I can't thank you enough!

This idea you have is so important for so many.  It's just a shame breast cancer is such a scourge for so many of us - but we're so lucky to have you and others in our corner. 

Thank You, Again and God Bless You!

Dear Pink Chair Friend,

I hope this entry finds you hopeful.  Although I'm sure you are at a critical part in your journey, know that others have been there and climbed this same hill.  You can do it too.  The chair will bring you comfort but more importantly it brought me love and support.  I was able to be centrally located and comfortable to receive love and support from family and friends.  Using the chair helped me realize I was not alone in this fight and the people around me were the ones I was fighting for as well as myself.  Wishing you a speedy and pain free recovery.  

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