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Annual Golf Tournament, Silo Point Country Club, Southbury, CT

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Our Mission


To deliver support physically and emotionally to breast cancer patients by providing comfort with a reclining chair throughout their healing process.

With each chair delivery, our recipients receive a
gift bag full of positivity and comfort. 

View messages from our recipients, sharing the journey and celebrating the successes!

You two are amazing!  Giving back to so many people in's inspiring.  I pray at the end of my journey I too will be able to help others going through this.  I cannot thank you enough for starting the Pink Chair Project!  It has been a blessing to me to be able to sit in The Spath Chair.  I don't know how I would have slept without it.  You don't really know how hard it is to move until you are in this situation.  Thank you for providing a chair of relief, my favorite pillow and the lovely quilt.  Most of all Thank you for your kindness and selflessness!

To read more of our chair recipients personal messages, please click here. 

"No one is ever truly prepared for the journey - physical, psychological, and emotional - that they will embark on after their mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  The healing gift of comfort os so important to each of these aspects of recovery.  The Pink Chair Project greatly aids our patients' return to health and well being through generous and thoughtful gifts that truly make a difference."                                         -                                                                         -Julia M. Toto, MD

Thank you!!

We are so grateful for the support of our community and the fundraising efforts that help make this all possible.  
Shown here:  An amazing donation from Wolcott Pop Warner.

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