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The Founders


Like many others, breast cancer has left its mark in our family. I am a wife, sister, daughter and most importantly, mother and was diagnosed at age 41. Prior to my diagnosis, both my maternal and paternal grandmothers had breast cancer but it didn’t stop there, 4 years later in 2017 my mother was diagnosed as well.

After having a double mastectomy and coming home to heal, I found it hard to get comfortable and fall asleep most days & nights. I was lucky enough to have a family member with an electric powered reclining chair that I could use throughout my recovery period to ease the pain and burden of simply just standing. Going through the diagnosis, the surgery and then the healing, I have learned to turn the negative into positive and that I can use my experience to make a difference. Not everybody is as lucky as I am so I have worked hard what a great idea to give back and help others.


Throughout my journey I have had an overwhelming support system with me every step of the way. Being a mother of 3, I have always felt that in this day and age its important to teach my children to be selfless, compassionate and give back. My daughter Emmie, recently shared that she had an interest in giving back to the world in some way, I couldn't think of a better way to help her accomplish this while teaming up with her and making a difference in the one way I know how. I am blessed and honored to be able to start this mission to helping people throughout our community on their same journey.

- Cara Spath, Survivor.

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